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Ambit Finvest Pvt. Ltd. is the systemically important Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) of the Ambit Group, which has so far helped 68,000+ MSME business owners. Spread across 11 states with 165+ branches, it offers customers business loans for expansion, working capital, Capital Expenditure, and caters to various other business loan requirements, thus being the pragati ke partner. Since inception, Ambit Finvest has disbursed over INR ~6,000 crore worth of loans and currently has an AUM of INR 3,800+ crore.


Speedy Loan Approvals

We leverage technology and unique Credit Evaluating methods assuring faster turn- around time (TAT) on loan approvals.

Simplified Documentation

We offer a hassle free borrowing experience to customers with minimal documents and efficient operations.

Innovative Products

Loans available for varied business needs

Within Your Reach

With our branches in metros and other cities, we are at your service to meet your financial needs.




Kaushik Khanna

Chief Risk Officer

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Subramaniam Iyer

EVP & Business Head, Vehicle Finance

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Prateek Garg

Head - B2B Business

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Premankur Jana

Head, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

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Vikram Manwani

Head, Institutional Lending

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All Your Questions About Our SME Loans Answered

What are the concepts of Overdue date, SMA and NPA classification?

FAQ's related to your loan account

How can I reach out to Ambit Finvest?

Call us on: +91 22 68410001
Email us at: info.retail@ambit.co
Our Branch network

What documentation would you need to process my loan application?
  • KYC Documents
  • Statement of Bank Accounts
  • Proof of Business Vintage
  • Additional relevant documents required for credit assessment
Do you charge a processing fee? If yes, how much?

We charge processing fees of a minimum of upto 2% of loan amount + applicable taxes for processing an application.

What is the eligibility criteria for a business loan
  • Applicants must be between 25 to 55 years old.
  • Applicant must be a self-employed professional / non-professional, like proprietors, retailers, traders and others.
  • The applicant must have spent a minimum of three years in the same line of business.
  • Loan eligibility is derived basis the customer business model, cash flow and internal policy of AFPL.
What are the purposes for which Ambit provides loans to SMEs
  • Expansion of Business.
  • Requirement of Working capital.
  • Purchase of Capital equipment (CAPEX).
  • Replacement of Assets.

Note: End use of loans for personal purposes and/or speculation is not allowed

What is the maximum loan amount I can apply for?
  • For Udyam Loans (Unsecured Business Loans): You can avail loan amount upto Rs. 25 Lakhs*
  • For Vyapar Loans (Secured Business Loans): You can avail loan amount upto Rs. 3 Crore*
* Terms and Conditions apply
What is the maximum loan tenure available?
  • For Udyam Loans (Unsecured Business Loans) : Upto 36 months
  • For Vyapar Loans (Secured Business Loans): Upto 180 months
Are there any charges applicable if I pre-pay the loan?

Yes, the pre-payment charges are applicable. The charges are mentioned under the Schedule of Charges accompanying your loan document and are updated periodically.

What is Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS)?

Refer attachment for details, ECLGS Document
For further details, Kindly refer: https://www.eclgs.com/

What is the process for Udyam Registration?

You can refer to the following documents for Udyam Registration.
MSME Registration and process
Udyam Registration Form
For further details visit: https://www.udyogaadhaar.gov.in/Government-India/Ministry-MSME-registration.htm

How do I Stop /Cancel the NACH mandate against the loan facility availed with Ambit Finvest Private Limited?

Please click here to request to cancel/stop NACH Mandate.

What are Ambit Finvest Private Limited’s Schedule of Charges

Schedule Of Charges



Beware! Save yourself from cyber fraud!

Dear Customer,

As you are aware that there is serious outbreak of COVID-19 across the world. Like you, we at Ambit Finvest Private Limited (“AFPL”) are watching the situation with deep concern and are constantly monitoring the uncertainty arising due to COVID-19. With the situation worsening with each passing day, AFPL has taken proactive measures to ensure uninterrupted services.

Customers are advised in their own interest not to disclose any confidential information related to their Bank Account no., ATM card, PIN, TPIN, CVV no. & UPI details over phones or SMS or e-mails, and KYC’s no matter how convincing / appealing such calls, emails may be as these could be the attempts made to fraudulently withdraw money from your accounts.

Further, we would like to advise our customer that AFPL never makes phone calls or sends e-mails or SMS asking its customers to disclose their personal /security information such as username, password, OTP, Card/PIN/CVV no, UPI details for any refunds, or any other case.

For any further information or clarification or incase if you find any such instances you may write to us at: info.retail@ambit.co for SME finance products

We encourage you to stay safe and healthy. Assuring you of the best services at all times.

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